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2- piece XL SUV shield #XL-AVSKIT
  • 2- piece XL SUV shield #XL-AVSKIT

    2 Piece For Large Vehicles, SUV's and Trucks


    Test fit in Tahoe, Escalade, and suburban for a perfect fit!!



    • Quickly and easily attaches to the head rest
      • Works best with typical 2 post or solid headrest
    • Patent Pending Design
      • Tight fit. Quiet. No bouncing or rubbing against the seat.
    • Unique, angled top keeps the shield away from passengers in all seat positions
    • Adjustable in all directions to fit all types of cars
      • Slots for adjusting positioned behind the seat so not to reduce effectiveness
    • Perfectly sized to shield the entire seating areas
      • Use slots to adjust as desired to reduce or eliminate the gap between shields
    • Easy to clean, will not absorb a virus
    • Made from clear polycarbonate for superior durability and impact resistance
    • Driver side and Passenger side 2 Pc. Kit
    • approximate size - 27"w x 22"h per Side


    **Standard kit includes 24" straps - see photos to determine if additional 36" Strap Kit is required (sold seperately)**


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