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Keep Workers Safe Going To and From the Job Site


Polycarbonate Strength

Shatterproof protection for you and your passengers ensures your safety in any scenario. 

Cleans Easily.png

Cleans Easily

Maximize your protection with an easily cleanable, visibly clear,  shield. 

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Custom Fit

Attaches quickly and easily to the headrest

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Your safety is our specialty

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  • Angled Design improves headspace 

  • Shatter-proof Polycarbonate Materials 

  • Cleans easily, Stays clear

  • Removable and Transferrable. 

  • Protects you and your passengers by limiting airflow between driver and passengers. 

The Original

for Industrial Work

Traveling to and from the job site is safer for everyone with our industrial health shields. These are designed and tested specifically for trucks, and sized for both crew cabs and extended cabs. They’re perfect for a variety of trucks such as F150, F550, F650, F750, Chevy 1500, Chevy 2500, etc. Custom fittings also available. 

Protect Passengers

Industrial vehicle health shields create up to 4 sections inside your truck, protecting the driver and all passengers agains sneezes and coughs. 

Perfectly Sized

Perfectly sized to shield the entire seating area without creating airflow concerns, optional front and rear dividers give each person their own safe airspace.

Compass Health Shield Industrial

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